Life is a Festival: Conversations about psychedelics, podcasting and life with Eamon Armstrong

inbodied life podcast Aug 17, 2020


Eamon is a podcast host, festival enthusiast, and passionate proponent of psychedelic medicine. He hosts the popular podcast Life is a Festival, about life lessons from festival culture and beyond. He also hosts the Psychedelic Therapy Podcast for Maya Health where he serves as the Vice President of Community. Maya Health is building software to support psychedelic healers and the wise stewardship of data between patients and researchers.

What you will learn:

  • The importance of destigmatizing all drugs, including alcohol! Shifting from a harm reduction model to an enhancement benefit model

  • The value in heavy psychedelic experiences like ibogaine and in more subtle ones like silence

  • What one man learned from his experience with Ibogaine in Gabon

  • How self expression can come through regalia and avatarism 

  • That we all have medicine where are our wounds are, and how families can heal together

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