Full Healing with Internal Family Systems: A Conversation with Dr. Frank Anderson

inbodied life podcast Jun 30, 2023
Full Healing with Internal Family Systems: A Conversation with Dr. Frank Anderson


Dr. Frank Anderson is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist. He was a clinical instructor in psychiatry and completed his residency at Harvard Medical School. He specializes in the treatment of trauma and dissociation and is passionate about teaching brain-based psychotherapy and integrating current neuroscience knowledge with the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model of therapy.

Dr. Anderson is the vice chair and research director of the Foundation for Self Leadership. He is a lead trainer at the Center for Self Leadership and trains for Bessel van der Kolk’s Trauma Center in Brookline MA. He has lectured extensively on the Neurobiology of PTSD and Dissociation and wrote the chapter “Who’s Taking What” connecting neuroscience, psychopharmacology and IFS for Trauma in Internal Family Systems Therapy-New Dimensions. He co-authored a chapter on “What IFS Brings to Trauma Treatment in Innovations and Elaborations in IFS Therapy” and recently co-authored the book Internal Family Systems Skills Training Manual.

In this conversation, we talk about IFS, how it works, and what’s different about it, the importance of doing your own personal work as a clinician, the impact of trauma, and the ways in which IFS dovetails with psychedelic therapy. 

What You Will Learn:
  • The foundational principles of Internal Family Systems (IFS) work and how they differ from traditional psychotherapeutic approaches
  • The difference between empathy and compassion
  • Why anybody working with trauma must do their own healing work
  • How to navigate the challenging reality that trauma blocks love and love heals trauma with the understanding that permanent healing is available to all
  • How Frank and the thought leaders at IFS are engaging with psychedelic medicine



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