Not Your “New Cage Spirituality:” Conversations with Modern Medicine Woman, Reverend Briana Cavion

inbodied life podcast May 04, 2020


Reverend Briana Cavion from the Earth Temple is a modern day, medicine woman. She has years of experience living with tribes serving ayahuasca in South America, and she carries a Masters degree in Peace Education from The United Nations University for Peace. Briana is also an NLP practitioner and a coach. In this podcast, Briana preaches and teaches about the power of nature, our bodies as part of the wild divine and how making peace with ourselves is the only way to make peace on the planet. She closes with a powerful prayer for us all.

What you will learn:

  • How to reprogram natural responses and be more fully you
  • The importance of integration for any psychedelic experience

  • The problems and pitfalls in the popularization of psychedelics

  • The history of witches and how Briana has reclaimed the word to honor her ancestors.

Resources from this episode: 

  1. The Earth Temple
  2. On Instagram: @RevBrianaLyn


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